Adversarial Domain Adaptation with Domain Mixup

Published in AAAI, 2020 (Oral)

Authors: Minghao Xu, Jian Zhang, Bingbing Ni, Teng Li, Chengjie Wang, Qi Tian, Wenjun Zhang

In this work, we propose to promote adversarial domain adaptation with both pixel-level and feature-level domain mixup.

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Fine-grained Video Captioning via Graph-based Multi-granularity Interaction Learning

Published in TPAMI, 2019

Authors: Yichao Yan, Ning Zhuang, Bingbing Ni, Jian Zhang, Minghao Xu, Qiang Zhang, Zhang Zheng, Shuo Cheng, Qi Tian, Xiaokang Yang, Wenjun Zhang

In this work, we collect a new video dataset from, called Sports Video Narrative (SVN), for fine-grained sports auto-narrative. Also, we propose a novel framework to encode both intra- and inter- team interactions.


Variational Few-Shot Learning

Published in ICCV, 2019

Authors: Jian Zhang, Chenglong Zhao, Bingbing Ni, Minghao Xu, Xiaokang Yang

In this work, we propose a variational Bayesian framework to approximate bias-eliminated class specific sample distributions for few-shot learning.


Learning Context Graph for Person Search

Published in CVPR, 2019 (Oral)

Authors: Yichao Yan, Qiang Zhang, Bingbing Ni, Wendong Zhang, Minghao Xu, Xiaokang Yang

In this work, we build a graph learning framework to employ context information for person search.

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